Back Ache a Common Problem at Home or in the Office?
With a large proportion of us spending the majority of our day using computers, there has been numerous medical claims of links to health conditions such as back aches, neck pain and pain in the wrists and fingers due to people positioning themselves incorrectly for computer use and being awkwardly stooped over their desk for too long.

More and more people are now choosing laptops for use in the office or home. However, these type of computers were not designed for continuous use at a desk and potentially lead to more damaging body positioning during use due to their lower height compared to a desktop.

Make a Stand with Hama

With this Hama black laptop stand you can help to rectify this issue and improve your positioning as your laptop can be raised up at an 7-step adjustable angle from 0-20º and swiveled up to a full 360 º using the integrated swivel plate to suit both your personal preferences and those of any other potential users so it can be operate comfortably in a healthier upright position with a straight back.Suitable for all notebooks with a screen diagonal of 39cm (15.4”), it is compatible with a large range of common models on the market and is not just restricted to use on a desk, but thanks to the non-slip base, can also be taken with you for use on your lap on the go (e.g. when on the train) for healthy and safe use wherever you are. Portability is never a problem with its ultra slim-line design (3cm when folded) that can be slipped easily into a notebook bag or carried separately.
What's in the Box
1 notebook stand

Colour Black
Suitable for Laptop
Size & Weight
Depth 28 cm
Height 2.5 cm
Width 26 cm

Additional Functions Tilting
More product information
Ensures comfortable working conditions when a notebook is used on a table or at a workplace
Suitable for notebooks with a screen diagonal of 39 cm (15.4")
Integrated swivel plate (360°)
Adjustable (7 steps) angle of inclination (0 to 20°) favours ergonomic posture during inputs
Easy to transport (approx. 3 cm flat when folded)
Anti-slip pads

Product Condition: Like NEW
Product condition
Like new

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Hama Notebook Stand, 15.4, 360

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