Terms & Conditions

General Conditions for the 
Arts and Crafts site, hereafter named “SITE”.
The General Conditions define the usage policies of the SITE by potential visitors or customers, hereafter named “USERS”.
The SITE is owned by 
RUS GIANINA-MARIA PFA, hereafter named “OWNER”. The legal information of the OWNER are available in the “About Us” section – link: https://reuse.shoponshopoff.com/about-us
By accessing and navigating the SITE, the USERS are accepting and complying with the Terms & Conditions described below.
Changes compared to the previus version of  Terms & Conditions shall be highlighted in blue color throughout the text.


By accessing the web SITE and/or any embedded web page you agree and comply with the current Terms & Conditions. If, for any reason, the USER chooses to disagree with the current Terms & Conditions, in full or in part, he/she may not access and/or navigate this SITE.
In case of creating a personal account and/or ordering any of the products/services available on the SITE, the USER shall acknowledge, agree and comply with the Terms & Conditions, including the Delivery, Privacy, Returns, Affiliation, Loyalty Policies available on the SITE at that time.

In addition, the OWNER reserves the right to modify the Terms & Conditions, including the Delivery, Privacy, Returns, Affiliation, Loyalty Policies at any time, without notice. The USER shall be solely responsible to revisit the respective information and re-familiarize with the General Conditions of the SITE.


The SITE may offer a variety of products and/or services, that the USERS can order online. The products and/or services may consist of (not limited to, and without any guarantee that two or more of those are offered at the same time):
- purchase of physical products/goods;

- purchase of products in electronic format;

- subscriptions;

- gift vouchers/cards;

- loyalty programs;

affiliation programs;

- delivery of the purchased physical products;

- pick-up of the purchased physical products by the USER from the OWNER’s pick-up location;

- file download, a.s.o.
In general, the above products and/or services shall be available for purchase at certain prices. However, under potential promotions and/or loyalty policies, some products and/or services may be offered by the OWNER for free to their registered and/or unregistered USERS.
The content of this SITE is offered for a general informative purpose and the OWNER does not guarantee its accurateness at all times, although the OWNER will make all the reasonable effort to publish accurate information.


The SITE may offer various payment methods to the USERS for purchasing the available products/services, without any guarantee that two or more of those methods coexist at the same time, such as (but not limited to): cash on delivery, bank transfer, online payment by debit/credit card, payment by alternative online payments, etc.
In case of online payments by debit/credit card, the payment may be safely concluded with the USER's personal or company card. The accepted cards shall be issued under the 
VISA (Classic/Electron) or MASTERCARD (including Maestro, if no CVV2/CVC2 code is required) logo. The OWNER shall not charge any additional commision for the card transactions. 


The SITE consists of software, design, configuration and content elements proprietary to the OWNER, as well as part of the General Public License (GNU GPL). Additionally, the SITE may include certain elements that are subject to copyright belonging to 3rd Party entities.

The OWNER reserves the right to modify the content and/or the structure of the SITE at any time, without prior notice.
The USER must not redistribute, sell, decompile, disassembly the software application in any human comprehensible manner.  

The entire SITE content is protected by the copyright laws, all rights reserved. The duplication, modification, display, distribution, transmission, publishing, selling, licensing, creation of related materials or usage of the SITE content, for any purpose, without the written consent by the OWNER, are strictly forbidden.

The SITE access and usage are free of charge and are intended to support the USERS for finding the necessary information in the easiest and fastest way possible, in accordance with their needs. All the information available on the SITE has a general interest purpose and is offered free of charge to the USERS.


The information on the SITE contains a certain detail level for the advertised products and/or services. There is no guarantee with respect to:

- avoidance of difficult SITE interactions or SITE interruptions;

- avoidance of negatively affecting other systems during the SITE interactions;

- lack of viruses or other elements on the SITE, that might negatively impact the USERS' systems.

Thus, the OWNER shall not be held responsible for any direct or indirect damages to the USERS, due to interacting with the SITE.
All the information available on the SITE, regarding the products and/or services, prices, description, campaigns, marketing promotions, technical aspects a.s.o. is offered as a general purpose information. The SITE content shall not engage the OWNER’s responsibility.
The SITE content, the information and/or any other material available on the SITE or presented by the SITE’s Community shall not be used as legal advice as depicted in the Romanian Law 51/1995.

The accuracy, completeness, correctness and the advisory character of the SITE content are not guaranteed. No OWNER obligation shall result to any person due to the SITE content. The OWNER expressly declines any responsibility for any cost, loss or damage occurred due to the SITE usage.


The SITE content objective is to offer updated and accurate information.

The OWNER does not guarantee that the SITE pages are error-free, but will make all the reasonable efforts to ensure the accurate information and to correct potential errors.
All the prices displayed on the SITE are final and include all the applicable taxes.
The USERS planning to purchase any of the products and/or services available on the SITE are encouraged to contact the OWNER via the “Contact Us” page on the SITE (link - https://www.reuse.shoponshopoff.com/index.php?route=information/contact), in order to get updated information on the availability of the respective products and/or services, as well as on the contractual conditions, prices, technical details a.s.o.


When the USERS are asked for information through the SITE, the solely purpose of this to be able to identify you, to contact you and/or to deliver the purchased products and/or services. This becomes more necessary when the SITE applications are used.

The content of requested information especially refers to personal data (name, address, phone number), e-mail address, the way how the purchased products/services are used or intended to be used, but may additionally include other information strictly related to all of above.

In order to properly answer USERS' questions and/or needs, the information collected by the SITE is stored and processed electronically.

Any person who visits the SITE and offers any personal data or information understands and expressly agrees to the following:

- the processing of the personal data and information;

- transmission of marketing materials, only when the USER has previously accepted this;

- solving of USER's requests, questions and/or complains;

- any other processing allowed by the law, that is not subject to prior USER acceptance.

The OWNER will keep the confidentiality of this information.

Continuation of the SITE usage constitutes the USER's express agreement, in compliance with Romanian Law 677/2001 and GDPR directives for protection regarding personal data processing and free circulation of personal data.

The SITE may contain links or connections to other sites, regarded by us as useful for providing the content, that are not in our control or under our supervision. In case these link or connections are being used, the Terms & Conditions of the respective sites shall apply.

The accurateness and completness of the information available on 3rd Party sites, accessed by our SITE, cannot be guaranteed nor controlled in any way by us.

The delivery of the physical products, following an online order by the USER on the SITE, will be ensured by the OWNER as follows:

- in case of ordered products advance payment by the USER (e.g. by credit card, purchase order a.s.o.), the shipment process will be initiated by the OWNER after the payment is confirmed in the OWNER's bank account;

- in case of payment at/after the delivery of the goods to the USER (e.g. cash on delivery, due date payment a.s.o.), the shipment process will be initiated by the OWNER after establishing, in agreement with USER, the payment method and/or the payment due date (e.g. by e-mail, phone a.s.o.).

The OWNER will make available to the USERS, on the SITE, one or more shipment methods for physical products. The USER must choose and agree with one of the methods available on the SITE.

The shipping cost displayed on the SITE shall be calculated based on several factors, such as the destination address, the weight and/or size of the package, as well as other specific conditions set by 3rd Party shipping companies. Thus, the USER has the possibility either to accept the final cost (product + shipping) or to cancel the order. Additionally, we encourage the USER to contact us in advance, before placing an order, when the information on shipping cost is unclear. Thus, the deliveries by Romanian Post will be charged with a minimum of 9.70 RON and courier services with a minimum of 20 RON. When the USER chooses "We will chose the best service for you" shipping method, the OWNER will select one of the DPD, Sameday, GLS, Nemo Express, Urgent Cargus couriers based on the best price at the ordering time, depending on destination and package characteristics. The estimated delivery time is 7 working days for standard Romanian Post deliveries and 3-5 working days for Prioripost or courier services.

Usually, the OWNER does not accept other shipping methods, except those available on the SITE. Any exception must be discussed and agreed in advance between the OWNER and the USER.

The durable products sold through the SITE are subject to the legal conformity warranty in compliance with Romanian Law 449/2003 and in accordance with the warranty offered by the manufacturer. Usually, the legal conformity warranty covers 2 years of product usage, except the cases when the average product lifetime, as declared by the manufacturer, is less. In such cases, the legal conformity warranty period is reduced to the average product lifetime.

In the case of used products, the legal guarantee of conformity is 1 year from the date of delivery of the product.

The warranty period will be specified in each product's warranty certificate. The warranty certificate will be provided to the USER either in electronic format or in printed format (included in the product packaging).

The warranty conditions will be also specified in the warranty certificate, for each product.

In accordance with the law, the USER has the right to return the product(s) purchased online from the SITE within 14 days from the date of purchase, without needing to specify the return reason. The OWNER will refund the product(s) cost to the USER, after the product(s) return.

Additionally, the product may be returned within the warranty period, when it is malfunctioning or when the lack of conformity is detected, only in case the USER had not previously lost the warranty rights in compliance with the warranty certificate clauses.

In both situations, the USER must fill in the form available on the Returns page (link: https://www.reuse.shoponshopoff.com/index.php?route=account/return/add) before initiating any product return process. Within 3 working days from completing the form, the USER will be contacted for establishing the return details.

The return cost will be covered by the OWNER if it is established that the product defects / lack of conformity claimed by the USER are subject of the conformity warranty. In addition, the OWNER will ensure the product reparation or product replacement free of charge, within a reasonable time frame. If the reparation or replacement are not possible, the OWNER will refund the product cost.

In all other cases, the return costs will be supported by the USER.
The reimbursement of the returned goods shall be paid either in the bank account corresponding the debit/credit card that was used during the purchase or in the specific bank account specified by the USER in the details section of the return form, within 3-30 days from the return acceptance by the OWNER.

Possible disputes between the OWNER and the USER shall be solved in a friendly way, in the spirit of good faith.

For solving the dispute, the USER has the right to address the issue, in compliance with the law, to the Romanian Authority for Consumer Protection - link ANPC:  https://anpc.ro/

Also, in accordance with Regulation 524/2013, both the USER and the OWNER have the right to access the online dispute resolution platform, implemented by the European Commission, at the following link: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/?event=main.home.show

If the USER decides to address the Court, the applicable law shall be the Romanian law.

For any misunderstanding / uncertainty with respect to the USER rights in using the SITE and to the SITE usage protection, please feel free to contact us through the "Contact Us" section of the SITE - link: https://www.reuse.shoponshopoff.com/index.php?route=information/contact.

In the event when there are content differences caused by the translation to other languages of the Terms & Conditions (as well as of the delivery policies, confidentiality policies, return policies, affiliation and loyalty policies) on the SITE, the Romanian version shall prevail.

Date of last update: 09.12.2020.

Date of previous version: 21.04.2020.

List of changes
21.04.2020: Initial revision.
09.12.2020: "Payment Methods" section added. Delivery cost description update. Reimbursement terms added.